Hi. I’m Michael Birchall.

I’m a Human-Centered Strategic Designer, building brands and businesses


I’ve built up a diverse skill set that covers all areas of business and design, and allows me to maximise the human impact and business value of any project.  

Strategic Design

I create and lead teams to research, design, test, and develop new ideas.

Experience Design

Exceptional product and service experiences are created by understanding the problem, and developing solutions that shine.

Service Design

Using Design Thinking to understand and empathise with people, and identify opportunities to design experiences that people love.


A selection of the projects I’m most proud of. See my skill set in action below.

Subscriptions for Good Boys/Girls

Case Study Overview       CHALLENGE Subscription business models are a modern convenience and Supermarket Co. had to adapt to this new world. Bain & Company wanted to show Supermarket Co. CEO why this business strategy made sense for them, and how they could play to win in this space.       PROCESS [...]

Take control of your Insurance Renewal

Case Study Overview       CHALLENGE Insure Co. CEO had the vision to increase digital adoption from 26% to 70% over the next 3 years. To get there, we focused our efforts on a high driver of offline call-centre activity; questions arising in the Insurance Renewal journey.       PROCESS Bain & Company [...]

Visit the park

CASE STUDY This project was a rapid-fire Design Thinking exercise over 8 hours. The idea was to show my process when solving business problems.   The Challenge “Example City” is famous for being a green city with lots of parks in the city centre. However, recent numbers show that fewer citizens seem to visit the parks [...]

Tyro Quote Wizard

All aboard, Tyro EFTPOS Tyro is Australia's business bank for small and medium enterprise. Customers love the company's easy EFTPOS, Banking, and Business Loan products. Getting a quote for EFTPOS is the first step to becoming a Tyro customer. The quote process on tyro.com connects to many back-office systems and teams to provide prospects quotes. [...]

Tyro Referrals Program

Business Banking worth talking about Tyro is Australia's business bank for small and medium enterprise. Customers love the company's easy EFTPOS, Banking, and Business Loan products. Some customers were already telling their friends and associates about Tyro (shown by a very healthy Net Promoter Score). Could we scale this action and create a new lower-cost [...]

Doctor’s Orders

A way for Doctor's to give better patient outcomes.  Visit an interactive prototype of the Doctor's experience


I’m a problem solver who uses Design Thinking to deliver innovative ideas that build brands and businesses.

I create holistic solutions with over 15 years’ design experience.

I’m entrepreneurial and an active learner, never settling, always looking for better ways to create and deliver value.

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Using experimentation to innovate like a startup

Innovating like a startup is easy when you know how.

Setting up an innovation lab inside a scale-up or corporate.

Tips to launch an agile innovation lab to disrupt your business.

What is Service Design?

Service Design looks at designing the end to end journey a customer will experience when purchasing and using a product or service. “Service Design is a collaborative process for researching, envisaging, and then orchestrating experiences that happen over time and multiple touch points.” – Oliver King What is a service? Services are intangible economic goods — they lead to outcomes as opposed to physical […]


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