For 25 years, IKEA has been bringing people together under new roofs. But under their roof, relationships are often put to the test.

Couples squabble about which chair is best. Spouses spit about storage units and newlyweds about quilt covers. The sheer choice on offer at IKEA has the potential to end relationships. How can we remedy this?

Introducing IKEA Couples Therapy, in which we employ a qualified therapist to scour the showroom floor for signs of trouble, and counsel couples from the closest POÄNG armchair.

As an impartial third party, our therapist diffuses the situation by calmly going through the pros and cons of that colour cushion or that shape of lampshade.

For their time, participating couples are given a gift voucher to spend on their purchases, but more importantly, leave to live happily ever after in their cooperatively furnished home.