Case Study Overview





Insure Co. CEO had the vision to increase digital adoption from 26% to 70% over the next 3 years. To get there, we focused our efforts on a high driver of offline call-centre activity; questions arising in the Insurance Renewal journey.





Bain & Company led a cross-functional team from Insure Co., through 3 Design Sprints. Over 6 weeks we moved through the design process from discovery, to prototyping and validating solutions with customers.





We reimagined the renewals flow and validated our digital prototype through two rounds of customer testing. This accelerated process led by Bain & Co., helped Insure Co. move a validated product into delivery in record time – and alleviate customers’ biggest problems during renewal.

Design Sprints

We used Design Sprints to move the cross-functional team through the design process.

Initially starting offline, at the client site, Covid restrictions forced us online. Design Thinking exercises in Miro were utilised to help teams research, ideate, and prototype throughout the Sprints. These online spaces worked as our single source of truth across Sprints.

Discovery & Research

Throughout Discovery, we utilised existing Insure Co. research to keep us focused and on track.

We incorporated customer call listening to uncover pain points and add to our Voice of Customer data. Archetypes and Mindsets were used as tools to frame our research as we moved into problem-solving.

We then mapped the existing customer experience journey across the front stage and backstage to understand the moments that matter.

Key Customer Problems to solve

Analysing the customer data and research many insights emerged. We bucketed these customer problems into six major themes to focus our problem-solving.

Envision the Future State

Once we understood where we were, it was time for us to imagine where we could go.

We started with Future State workshops, offering up an inspiration gallery of business best practices across insurance and related industries from around the globe. We then took teams through disruptive macro trends and emerging technologies that could shake up insurance in the next 10 years.

We then ideated possible solutions across the renewals journey using structured ideation activities in Miro.

Once we had our ideas, we formed a view on what a great renewals experience could be. This future state customer journey was brought to life through a storyboard.


Teams then worked together to wireframe and prototype the user experience of this new renewals flow.

Pen and digital paper were used to create low-fidelity prototypes, focusing on the steps and content of the flow. Key stakeholders from across the business provided valuable feedback throughout these early-stage prototypes which we used to progress our designs.

Once teams were happy with the concepts, we moved to higher fidelity prototypes in Miro, then into clickable prototypes in Sketch.

Early prototypes were used to facilitate discussions with engineering leads to determine feasibility of our solutions. Refinement was needed following these discussions which allowed us to progress quickly.

Customer Testing

Once our prototype was ready, we were able to progress through two rounds of customer testing. The first prototype was well received, as it offered new abilities to customers who traditionally called up.

Customers offered valuable feedback on the price transparency we provided in V1, which helped us refine the design for round two.

Round two of customer testing was a success, with majority of customers agreeing it was valuable, and simple to use.

It exceeded their expectations, and many customers said it would make their renewal journey simpler – without the need to call.

The Future

The validated prototype, delivered in only 6 weeks, is moving into delivery.

The cross-functional team were thrilled by the process and acted as a poster team to roll out agile ways of working across the organisation.

“I’m amazed at the amount of ground we covered in just 6 weeks”

“It will be sad to leave this cross-functional team – we nailed it!” 

“Amazing to create something customers love, in such a short time

“Customers are going to love this when it’s live, and it’ll make my team’s lives easier” 

“Our Teamwork was inspiring over these Sprints!”

“Definitely taking these new skills back into my day job”