KFC ‘Tender Is The Moment’

With no bones and less mess, mums were sure to fall in love with KFC’s newest permanent menu item, Original Recipe Tenders.

So to launch KFC Tenders, we created a tender Mills-&-Boon-style love story perfect for mum called Tender Is The Moment – and delivered it to over 20 national media outlets.

In ‘Tender Is The Moment’, we follow the thrilling and rapacious romp of one Sandra Sharpe, a tired middle-aged mother in need of some soft and tender.

“Oh how Sandra Sharpe longed for that thrill again – her secret, her sin, her tender (or at least that’s what she called him). That night in the quiet parking lot near the mill. That first touch of warm skin and soft steam against her quivering lips. The subtle hint of herbs and spice – but she wasn’t asking questions.”

One day, Sandra finds what she is looking for in a local suburban food court…

“The butterflies. The trembling. The anticipation of this, her tender moment. Sandra stood.

“One more thing, Sandy! That fine fare’s from Kentucky,” [her friend] Emily said with a wink.”

But soon enough, this flirtation devolves into an outright obsession…

“Welcome to KFC, what can I get for you today?” the drive-thru speaker buzzed.

Sandra wiggled excitedly in her seat, perhaps because she knew that this was it – that greaseproof paper-thin moment before countryside etiquette would disintegrate into a forthright burst of passion; that courteous invitation fried so deep in Southern hospitality. Now was the time to answer…

“One Original Tenders Box. Please.”

Printed, bound and gifted to key social influencers and media, ‘Tender Is The Moment’ had one more surprise up its sleeve –  a hidden compartment containing freshly cooked Original Recipe Tenders.

This coincided with a crowdsourced love story written by KFC’s Facebook fans on the page, with each scene illustrated in the style of a classic romance novel.

With 17 media stories and 400k social engagements generated from the campaign, it’s time to change your relationship status – Tenders are here to stay.