Business Banking worth talking about

Tyro is Australia’s business bank for small and medium enterprise. Customers love the company’s easy EFTPOS, Banking, and Business Loan products.

Some customers were already telling their friends and associates about Tyro (shown by a very healthy Net Promoter Score). Could we scale this action and create a new lower-cost acquisition channel.


How might we use Tyro’s strong NPS to acquire more customers?


Tyro refer and earn

Customer referrals are the holy-grail for CX design. A referred customer has a higher lifetime value than a customer acquired through other methods. In fact, you’re 4x more likely to buy a product when it’s referred to you by a friend.

Companies like Uber and Airbnb have achieved high-growth with referrals programs. The key is to deliver a great customer experience with your product or service.

Using these insights, we created the Tyro Customer Referrals program.


The project goal was to get an MVP online quickly, to prove the business value of the customer referrals channel. Through stakeholder workshops we co-created a new service process that worked for all departments.

Working in Design Sprints, we then created just enough product to launch, then continued to refine and automate after launch.

Referring made easy

A personalised landing page started the journey.

New prospects were shown information about the program and how to join.

Existing customers were shown their referral code and share buttons.

The Referral Journey

Tyro customers received emails throughout their referral journey.

The first email introduced the program and shared their referral code. Once a new customer joined we prompted them to meet the transaction requirements to receive their bonus. A final email was sent when their bonus payment was confirmed.

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Onwards and upwards

The MVP program we delivered was just the beginning for this channel. Early metrics indicate it’s going to be a successful channel for Tyro. Automation and integrating the program into the Tyro App are the next steps to expanding this effective customer experience.